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The fitness center XFIT is the only one at neighbourhood, which offers to workout on the high-quality equipment TECHNOGYM of the high level Selection. Even the first contact tells you about the precise manufacturing and perfect harmony of quality and appearance. Xfit has equipment, which helps you to fully work all muscles and all that in a fully air-conditioned environment.

Photo gallery of our TECHNOGYM Selection machines

ABDUCTOR  - odtahovanie noh
ADDUCTOR - pritahovanie noh
ADJUSTABLE BENCH - nastavitelna lavicka
ARM CURL - biceps v sede
CHEST INCLINE - tlak v sede spodna prsne svaly
CHEST PRESS - tlak v sede prsne svaly
CROSS OVER CABEL - viac druhov cvicni na hornu cast tela
CRUNCH BENCH - nastavitelna lavicka
DELTS MACHINE - rozpazovanie v sede - ramena
EASY CHIN DIP - hrazda vzpory s do pomocou
FLAT BENCH rovna lavicka
GLUTE - sedacie svalstvo
HORIZONTAL BENCH PRESS - tlak na rovnej lavicke
HORIZONTAL BENCH PRESS - tlak rovna lavicka
INCLINE BENCH PRESS  - tlak na sikmej lavicke
LAT MACHINE - pritahovanie v sede - chrbat
LEG CURL - zakopavanie v sede
LEG EXTENSION - prekopavanie
LEG PRESS - tlak nohami v sede
MULTIPOVER - viac druhov cvicni vo vodiacom zariadeni
OPYMPIC FLAT BENCH  - tlak na rovnej lavicke
PECTORAL - rozpazovanie v sede -  prsne svaly
PULL DOWN  - pritahovanie v sede smerom dolu - chrbat
PULLEY - pritahovanie k pasu v sede chrbat
ROTARY CALF - lytka v sede
ROTARY TORSO - sikme brusne svalstvo
SCOTT BENCH - skotova lavicka - biceps
SHOULDER PRESS - tlak v sede - ramena
TOTAL ABDOMINAL - priame brusne svalstvo
UPPER BACK - pritahovanie k pasu v sede - chrbat

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